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Chemistry. I’ve heard some people have it. An attraction that lacks explanation and logic. Your eyes meet, your hands touch, butterflies in the belly and you’re suddenly consumed with another being. You breathe so hard as if it is being taken away, you dream while you’re awake and your heart outraces your mind. You forget anything else because the feeling is exhilarating and so strong that you know the reason why you’ll never settle for anything less. But shit can happen to anyone at any given time. Sometimes intense chemistry is just strong mutual lust and nothing else. It is simply the usual I like you-You like me thing. 

When people brand that a couple has chemistry, they are most probably referring to the chemistry of physical attraction; we see both people in the game attracted to one another and they have something in common, or it could mean no common at all and that will create a hype or a type of polarity which is attractive to both parties, like batteries and the presumption that opposites does attract.

As couples become more intimate, sex plays a vital role and achieving orgasm will foster our desire for long-term commitment. We can actually say that the more intimacy a couple possess, the stronger their bond will be. Explicitly speaking, chemistry can be just sex unless you add the flavor of romance while you’re at it. If you and your partner both recognize the intense catalyst of chemistry as a pure lust craze, you might engage in a brief sexual chance and then split up once you satisfied each other, bringing shadows of sweet memories and no expectancy or outlooks. It’s the ultimate hookup without any pang of conscience. 

Taking this understanding seriously, it can also serve to reduce temptation prior to cheating. Let us take a moment to identify that the chemistry of lust and attraction which we might feel when someone is flirting with us is just a stream of adrenaline or dopamine chemicals. These chemicals secreted by our neurons plays a major role in our brain system that is responsible for the spark that we feel and for the reward-driven learning and thus summon them as chemical messengers.

Since we (or at least me) are fans of romance and its magical forays, why not utilize a little fresh creativity into our current relationship and disburse a little effort so that we can fully assure that we will tread the right path. Just my 2 cents…

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