People Who Made The Difference


While dwelling on earth, there will be numerous occasions that people will leave a mark in your life. These are just ordinary people who gave you experiences you cannot forget and if we’re lucky enough to encounter them, we have to make sure we assimilate their wisdom.

As for me, I could enumerate few people and their story that left me an impression on how they faced the trials and hellish quagmires life has to offer.

*Mr. Migs – A previous colleague. 63 year old Engineer specialized in Marine construction currently based in Dubai. He cheated on his wife with a 23 year old hot lady. He told me a lot of life experiences and all the wicked things he did and how he got away with it unscathed. I knew he’s a ninja in his previous life! He told me that I should never take them for granted once I get married and started my own family. Be loyal to your wife and marry someone you can’t live without so that you’ll never regret it for the rest of your life. As of date Mr. Migs is in Quebec, Canada and told me via e-mail that he reconciled with his wife but their relationship is never the same…

*Granny Juana – My Dad’s mom. What can I say? She served as my guiding light when I started living with my cousins for one year in 1998. I was 12 then and stubborn. I learned a lot from her the hard way. I get scolded every day for one year. She always reminds me the golden rule and we always attend Sunday mass at 5 am. I also learned a lot about raising pigs since she used to own a pig pen. God knows how much I miss her now and her scolding (LOL). She is one of the few people who shaped me for what I am today and I’m really grateful to that. God bless her soul. During her last days, she told me not to forget all the things she taught me and be a good soul always. But why do good people have to go first? I asked her. She said that it is not death as we seem it is. How do people die? By tragic accident or by gun shot, mugged perhaps? Or just like me, because of Bronchitis? People only die when they’re forgotten by the people most dear to them. I’m confident that you will never forget me. In your heart I’ll always be there and I’ll ask the Almighty to guide you so that you could get by each day until the day we reunite. Son, I love you the way I love your father. Now stop crying and hand me the rosary. It’s going to be okay…

*Geoff – A dear friend of mine who’s a year older than me. We were best friends since we were kids and the fact that our family are the first to settle in our village, we easily get along and we play in the streets everyday like there’s no tomorrow. We had each other’s back as we grew up. Yeah, like brothers. He always finds time to go to our house to copy files, anime, movies and play video games even though time is really a luxury when we were in college. What I can’t forget about him is that he always has this attitude of asking what am I doing and gives a little piece of advice about almost everything. I shared many personal problems to him and I’m always amazed how eagerly he listens to all my rant and give me options to choose from and the consequences of each. I think he could be a good counselor or psychiatrist. Things changed in summer of 2007. He took his own life. I cannot believe everything at first. He came to me 2 days ago before his death with the usual routine, anime and stuff. How the hell did he manages to be so normal but he is preoccupied about something that caused him to take his own life. During the mass and the “peace is with you” moment, he gazed upon me bowing his head. At that instant I knew something is wrong, his eyes cannot hide it. Still how could he do that? For a moment I felt betrayed and useless. Questions start to haunt me. Why he didn’t tell me about the burden he’s carrying? I thought that was his turf, making the problem less of a problem? But I guess he snapped. That tragic day is still surreal to me until now. But some things I have to let go. But how do I move on?  

*Dad – Mentor, best friend and a Dad wrapped in one person. Every day I thank God for having him as my father. I respect him a lot and he teaches me life values and experiences he had and reassesses the pros and cons so that I know what to do in case I have to encounter some. My relationship with him is never a typical Dad-son thingy. We are more like best friends and I share him everything that my mind wants to cater. I just wish that he will stay strong as he is now and I hope he will spend a lot of time with his future grandson.

*Caitlyn Fairchild – I met her in summer of 2003. But not like any other people I dearly know, she’s an exception. We never met in real life. During that time there’s this online game that stormed the country called Ragnarok Online. It’s a massively multiplayer online game that many youngsters including me got addicted to. I met her while leveling up and doing some quest at the same time. A few chats and there you go, we never looked back and we became “online buddies”. There even came a point that I didn’t actually care about the progress of my character online and I just want to chat with her and see her avatar. As to my enthusiasm, I researched about her because she never told me her full name and that puts me to stalk her Friendster account and I knew she’s legit (meaning a real girl!), though her name is not Caitlyn Fairchild. We shared a lot of things. One thing I like about her is that she’s energetic online, always wants to play with me, do some grinding with our character to strengthen up. Also she is just like Geoff, I always tell her my personal problems that she almost became my online diary. Apparently all those grinding paid off as we became really strong in the community. We were like alpha and omega during that time. The dynamic duo as they say. We were like that for 3 long years. We became each other’s wall to lean on. But all good things must come to an end. When our personal lives started to hinder us and the entire hectic schedules kept us away from the online gaming community. I never heard from her after a couple of months. Until one day in 2007, I received a private message on Friendster. It’s Caitlyn, she is sorry that she didn’t say much about her life that left me wondering about. She gave me a link to her personal blog and I saw the real her. She felt she owed me an explanation that’s why she did it. As I gawked at the colorful photos of her, I realized that she’s living in an entirely different world. She was living in the United States from the moment I met her in the game up until now. She is married and she’s 23 at that time, 2 years older than me with a very cute daughter just like her. She did not say anything about this during the time we were playing because she thought I would go away. Now I know the real reason why she can’t come during our guilds meet and greet sessions. I added her to this list because she shared a lot of her life experiences and how she overcomes many obstacles. One thing she told me that I’ll never forget: “Have the courage to let some go, and sacrifice for some to stay; thus, live and make life your own way.”

These people made the difference in my life and I’ve learned a lot from them. Surely there will be more to come and probably I’ll be adding them up in this endeavor. If you have the same experience or thoughts, feel free to share it too. =)

“It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that’s important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there’ll be any fruit. But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.” 
Mahatma Gandhi

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100 Random things About Me!


meme 😀

Few Facts about the Blogger:

1)       My favorite color is green

2)       My second favorite color is white

3)       I don’t look good in yellow and green (sometimes).

4)       I have obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

5)       I am often accused of having crush to someone but really, I’m just friendly.

6)       I am funny (I believe so 😀 )

7)       I still watch anime.

8)       I can always give advices but very seldom to use it myself.

9)       I have liked more girls whose name starts with “M” than another letter in the alphabet. (It has always been M for some unknown explanation.)

10)   I always find it amazing how women can have that sweet scent without any perfume. :p

11)   I have dated a lot in 2011.

12)   I hate cough syrup.

13)   I love vanilla sundae.

14)   I joined a theatre/dance group when I was in highschool.

15)   I love the song “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John.

16)   I can tell within the first two minutes of meeting a woman whether or not she’s fun or boring to be with.

17)   I don’t like the number 13. (badluck?)

18)   I’m sick of hearing political issues in the Philippines.

19)   I tried dying my own hair when I was in sophomore during highschool.

20)   I have won two medals when I was in 6th Grade during the provincial Press Conference for Copy Writing (1st) and Feature Writing (3rd).

21)   I love playing basketball.

22)   I graduated salutatorian in elementary.

23)   I am a pack rat. I don’t throw things easily.

24)   I want a stable business.

25)   I want to learn cooking exactly as my mom’s style.

26)   I don’t spend much time at home.

27)   I can be very clumsy on a not so good day.

28)   I accidentally sliced a portion of my right thumb when I was making a wood project during 1st year highschool. I saw some muscle or ligaments. Watching TV while dealing with knife for a project is not advisable.

29)   I love watching the rain especially if I’m inside a car.

30)   I run as fast as I could until nobody’s around and scream to the top of my lungs if I’m really depressed.

31)   I dreamt of directing a movie which stars Julie Benz. Weird.

32)   I would love to live in New York for a year.

33)   If I’ll win the lottery, I’ll treat my friends on a trip around the world. But I never buy tickets.

34)   I hate that I always forget my dreams as soon as I wake up.

35)   I want to own a construction firm or a restaurant named after my mom.

36)   I would name my son Gabriel Seymour.

37)   Sometimes I think that aliens do really exist.

38)   I always think about my dear friend who took his own life couple of years ago and still confused why he did it.

39)   I always create a conversation in my head with someone I really like.

40)   I love my family and friends more than anything.

41)   I love Michelle Branch, Nickle Back, Avenged Sevenfold, Hanson and Greyhoundz.

42)   I picture myself in a different place, time and race. (weird)

43)   I always go shopping for a new PS3 game lately.

44)   I love beaches. Yeah beaches.

45)   I love my siblings. They’re my best friends.

46)   I love talking to people ages 9 below and 59 above. I am learning a lot from them.

47)   I believe my Dad is one of the greatest person ever walked on the face of the planet earth.

48)   I have naturally straight hair.

49)   I got circumcised when I was 11.

50)   I really want a girlfriend ever since. Someone whom I can trust and tell stories each day.

51)   I am a dog person. But I don’t hate cats.

52)   I love Christmas songs.

53)   I love taking baths.

54)   I love Oakley sunglasses.

55)   There are only a handful of people that I could trust my life in any given circumstance.

56)   I had been to Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa three times in my entire life.

57)   I am totally curious about many things.

58)   I love to watch porn. Everyone does! :p

59)   I don’t want a high-end phone that runs out of battery quickly. 😡

60)   I have a habit of praying before I sleep.

61)   I love to cook but too lazy to do and learn it.

62)   I love reading but my time now is being consumed by video games.

63)   I don’t get tipsy with 5 bottles of beer. Needs to be 7 or 8. 😀

64)   I love to be with people especially friends but I could do some “lone wolf mode” sometimes.

65)   I hate it when people reply to text message with just “K”. (okay)

66)   I find it difficult to read or write while listening to music.

67)   I seldom apologize. If it’s really my fault then okay.

68)   I love cartoons.

69)   I love sarcasm.

70)   Frankly speaking, I am frank.

71)   I love spending money on my love ones.

72)   I am learning to be patient. Heck, I am patient.

73)   I love porcelain tiles.

74)   I hate liars.

75)   I eat leftovers, I just smell it first.

76)   I would love to live anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere for one good year.

77)   I think of naughty things at random times.

78)   I am the loudest person you’ll probably ever meet.

79)   I always rename my newly downloaded TV series in this format: Title of the series<space>S01E01 (season 01, Episode 01).

80)   I expect people to keep their promises as I am to myself.

81)   I believe that good things come to good people who wait patiently as well.

82)   I am always on time. Time is of the essence why waste it?

83)   I swear a lot.

84)   I am addicted to Facebook. Yeah, I have to admit this one.

85)   I cannot forget my first mobile phone number.

86)   I always set three alarms at different interval, then snoozes 10 minutes at the last one.

87)   I hate when people talk to me when I just woke up.

88)   The first thing I do when I wake up is to wash my face.

89)   I love gadgets.

90)   I don’t have an IPhone.

91)   I am on the computer pretty much half of my day.

92)   I seldom go to bed before 9:00 p.m.

93)   I could eat Chinese food every day for the rest of my life.

94)   I am always grateful to be alive.

95)   I love to swim to the beach or pool.

96)   I have a voracious gaming appetite.

97)   I always try too look at the glass half full.

98)   I know a little Arabic and Greek words.

99)   I want to change the world one good deed at a time.

100) I don’t just sing in the shower, I perform. :))


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Resident Evil 6 Game Review


What comes to your head when you hear the title Resident Evil? Well lemme guess, Zombies right? Apparently Resident Evil popularized the “Zombie” survival-shooting in the history of gaming. This is also the reason why I fell in love with the Resident Evil franchise. But as the years go by, the story driven, flesh eating, enticed with great drama and stunning visuals went a little off-track from its roots. We recall how Resident Evil 5 went a total transition from survival horror to action packed third-person shooting game. Due to that, many fans (including me!) are hoping that the next Resident Evil will look back to its original form which is slower-paced and less adrenaline pumped and more of a shocking horror experience like what we have experienced in Resident Evil 1 to 3 and although Resident Evil 4 is great and I loved it, that is actually the start of the RE franchise transition from horror to action. Well do not fret guys, Cashcom I mean CAPCOM heard our cries! There will be ZOMBIESHoorayyy!! Wo-wait! They have sorta kinda did it but not really.   (-_-)

*To be continued… Still playing the game, might take me weeks to finish this one due to long working hours in the office.* 😦 

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Share-Your-Drawing 101


Harry Potter from House Gryffindor – anime version. 

Just sharing this anime sketch of Harry Potpot! 🙂 It was easy for me to strew lines this and that but the real challenge for me is the shadowing or shading. I’m not really good at shading as you can see. -_-‘ But there is a technique for that I believe so. With the proper pencil/charcoal and gum, you could create a masterpiece just like some of my friends did with their works. But this is just for fun since I got bored here in the office. More drawings to come. ^_^

oh one more thing, girlfriend said that he is not Harry. He is Vash Stampede from Tri-Gun. That girl. 😀

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She Could Have Been..


That spark of excitement that we feel whenever we have some random interesting encounters. Me, myself always look forward to these random encounters. This world is so vast that anything could happen. That girl over there walking in the alley with the yellow umbrella could be the one you are looking for. You suddenly felt this urge to catch up with her while walking or you’re hoping that she’ll stop by the near magazine stand so that you could check her out and maybe, just maybe a start of a friendly conversation.

It’s been 9 years since I met this lady. Naalala ko pa hindi pa sikat si Mark Herras at buhay pa si Miko Sotto 😀 and I was still a freshie back in college. During that time I always feel excited going to school not because I just want to learn but I want to make new friends which I did eventually.

Isang araw nag announce iyong classmate namin that they will be celebrating their 18th birthday pero hindi siya iyong lady na tinutukoy ko ha. I was  just 17 that time and she was a year older than the rest of the batch. She’ll celebrate her debut with her twin sister on this very good Resort somewhere in Sta. Rosa Laguna. You could tell na mayaman sila kasi mukhang mamahalin mag pa-reserve at mag rent ‘nung resort na iyon at may dalawa din sila kotse, isang Starex na van at isang Toyota Altis.

So ayun na nga dumating na ang araw ng celebration, naalala ko pa July 05,2003, Saturday iyon ng gabi and the plan is to stay there overnight then uwi kami sa place ni classmate na tawagin na lang nating Daphney upang magpahinga then uwi din kami sa hapon at ihahatid daw kami ng kanyang driver. Since malapit naman ako sa Sta. Rosa, I just told them to pick me up sa Olivarez Plaza (Biñan). The rest of the gang came from different parts of Cavite. Ang call time ko is 6:30pm dapat nasa Olivarez na, so inagahan ko nang 30 mins. para makapag merienda sa McDo kasi malamang late pa ang kainan niyan dahil may mga programa pa like 18 candles, 18 wines, 18 roses and other 18 eklavoos. Nag-prepare na din ako ng speech ko kasi kasama ako sa 18 wines (Oha! Close kasi kami ni Daphney! LOL!). Umorder ako ng cheeseburger favorite ko yun, nakakatuwa ang mga crew sa McDo na iyon parati naka smile at talagang ang nasa counter ay iyong pinaka magaganda sa staff nila. Mahigit 10 years na din akong customer ng McDo diyan sa O.P at iyan lagi ko napapansin, ang mga staff sa counter at ang kanilang pulang mga labi at matatamis na ngiti.

6:30 na ng hapon. Wala pa din sila pero after 10mins. ay may pumaradang starex sa parking ng McDo. Ah sila na siguro ‘to, wika ko. Bumaba si Haj, Angelo, Nelson at si Apples, yung iba ay nasa loob lamang ng sasakyan. Lahat sila mga classmate ko at iyong mga classmate ni Dustine (Daphney’s twin) ay nasa kabilang sasakyan. Bibili daw muna sila ng burger nagutom din eh.

Nagpatuloy ang byahe, medyo traffic sa may Pavilion as usual iyan. Kwentuhan sa van, ‘yung iba gustong gusto na mag-yosi eh. After an hour or so dumating na din kami sa resort na may pagka Kastilla ang pangalan. Let’s name it Villa Eklaber. We unpacked our things and headed straight to our designated room. 2 room for us, one for the boys and the other for the ladies. Naligo pa ulit yung iba dahil sa sobrang init that time. Ako hindi na, nagpabango na lang ako dala ko naman ang Davidoff Cool Water na bigay pa ng aking Ninang 😀

The night was so young; party started at 8pm the usual Filipino time ever! Siyempre prayer muna then konting refreshment also known as Booze which in fact is endless! Talagang sa sobrang dami ng SanMig Light doon na parang walang bukas! Not to mention the Live Band na nagbigay kulay sa party na kadalasang kinanta ay freestyle songs at ang hindi ko malilimutang Thousand Miles ‘nung female vocalist na talaga namang NGA NGA nalang ang nagawa ko :O

Nagsimula ang program, Una muna is 18 gifts andiyan usually mga girls giving gifts to the debutee, madami din silang makapagdamdaming speech ‘yung iba emo talaga mapapa facepalm ka sa kakornihan pero okay ‘yun sa ganoong edad. Ikalawa naman eh 18 Wines, andiyan na kami! Siyempre papahuli pa ba ako sa speech! English pa! Wow! Haha! Meron din 18 candles na nilayasan ko muna kasi nauumay na ako sa hipon na kinakain at sa kinauupuan ko. Lumabas muna ako nagbaon ako ng isang SanMig Light at nagpahangin muna. May nakita akong isang chick sa labas, hindi ko kilala. Ah siguro classmate ni Dustine, may hawak na yosi, fair complexion, above average ‘yung height niya mga 5’5 and a half siguro, nakasalpak ang Nokia 3530 sa tenga niya at malumanay na nagsasalita. Maganda siya, iyon agad ang nag-register sa utak ko. She glanced at me, tingin naman ako sa malayo. She went on with her phone call and I decided to go back na kasi naghihiyawan na ang crowd at parang masaya ang nangyayari sa 18 roses. Paanong hindi sasaya eh invited pala ang ex boyprend nitong si Daphney na ang haba haba ng speech at nagsosorry din sa mga past mistakes niya may kiss pa sa cheek sa huli. Andun din ang current manliligaw niya na may pagka-flip in my very very honest opinion! Weird kasi at kakaiba makangisi at parang mama’s boy. Pero halatang type siya ni Daphney kasi laging kasama sa school at iba ang ngiti ni Daphney habang nag-sspeech siya, siyempre hindi nagpahuli itong si boylet at kumiss din sa cheek, kiligness ever naman ang mga girlaloo sa party.

The party ended up around midnight. Pero para sa karamihan, noon pa lang nagsisimula ang party. Madami akong nakita na palakad lakad sa pool side pero hindi ko nakita sa mismong event. Mga jowaers siguro ng ibang invited guest. Ako nganga na lang walang jowa, sucks to be me. Sila Haj, Nelson at Apples ay naghahanda na para mag-swimming, niyaya din nila ako pero I declined, “later na lang” sabi ko. Nakaka 5 na SanMig na ako ‘nun sulit talaga hehe. Naisipan kong lumabas muli baka andun pa si chikabebe, but to my dismay eh wala na siya so pumasok na ko ulit. Nakita ko ang mga kaklase ni Dustine at nasa isang room sila, bukas ang pinto kaya makikita mo ang activities nila nagyayaya pa nga itong isa sa kaklase ni Dustine na isa na ngayong sikat na artista sa isang kilalang network station at tinuturing siyang “Bad Boy ng Dance Floor”. Napansin kong naglalaro sila ng Kiss & Blow. Simple lang ang mechanics ng Kiss & Blow (or some says Suck & Blow): Girls and boys stand in a circle (boy, girl, boy girl), then they take a card from a deck and pass it around with their mouths…Wherever the cards drops, then those two people kiss. The question is usually “did the person drop the card on purpose, or by accident” ;o) Sounds intimate right? They told me to hop in, alalang alala ko pa sabi nitong si Bad Boy ng dance floor, “Oist tangkad halika dito! Lalaro tayo blow & kiss! Alam mo ba iyong movie na “Clueless”? ganoon na ‘yun”. Tinawag na din ako ng kambal ‘wag daw KJ at birthday nila. So ayun I told myself, I’m getting bored so what the heck. Meet and greet na din sa mga kaklase ni Dustine. I was told to sit down by our very own bad boy ng dance floor. Next thing I remember, my eyes grew wide open nung ‘pag upo ko ang tumambad sa aking gilid ay si chikabebe from outside with the Nokia 3530 mobile phone remember? Right. So nawala ang antok ko. I was like OMG mode during that time! Wahahah. Natameme ako for a moment. Words are playing in my mind, should I drop the card and score or to just play normally and come what may. When it’s my turn to kiss the card I did my best not to drop it. Yeah I didn’t. But damn, there was a hesitation at that instant.

It was already 1:30am when the game and chitchats ended. People went to their respective rooms and some still prefers to swim. I was about to go back to my room when I saw chikabebe and I learned from that game session that her name is Corazon. Corazon huh, whatta name, music to my ears. Like a love song so good I don’t want it to end. So Corazon was alone at the pool side splashing her feet side by side and this time, no Nokia 3530 stuck on her ears for God only knows why and how long. I sat at the pool side 1.5 meters away from her. She looked at me and smiled. “Hey Blow Kisser! Anu meron?” She said. To my awe I replied with “Yo!” 😀 I told myself, so this is it ha. Finally! A chance to talk to her without any distractions. It started out just asking names, last names, course and section, why choose that University and this and that. After 35 minutes, she decided to go for a swim. So she told me to jump in first baka daw kasi di niya abot at malalim. Tama siya! Ang lalim nga pero matangkad ako so it was good enough for me. So I held her up para di siya lumubog at sabi niya hindi daw siya marunong lumangoy. After masabi niya yun yumapos siya sa akin kasi nga para di malunod, I looked up at the starry sky and said “Dear Lord I owe you one, Thank You! <insert heart shape here!> I tried to teach her how to swim pero hindi niya kaya, eh paano ba naman tawa ng tawa nakikiliti eh pag hinahawakan yung likod niya. Ako naman tinatago ko ang pagka kiligness ko at siyempre sa kabilang side iba yung ngiti ng mga kaklase ko dumidiskarteng marino daw eh literally hehe! So it went on like that for more than an hour and one of the best moments in my life. She asked me, You have a girlfriend? Told her, No I’m still searching! Ooww she said. My turn to ask, you have a boyfriend? Please say no gerdemmet, thought to myself. She replied… Well… It’s kinda complicated. Asked me something else, she said. So I felt a bit uneasy after that. I’m 100% sure she has a special someone but maybe on the rocks. After a couple of minutes she told me she has to go and sleep na. So I bid her goodbye but wait! There’s more!! Chenenen! We kissed! Yep for a good 5 seconds. It was a good, wet kiss that I cannot forget. But that’s not all! She said, Thank you. I thought this party would be boring, turns out I’m wrong. We’ll talk again tomorrow. So ako naman napa fist-pump at hindi maalis ang ngiti habang nagpupunas at naglalakad pabalik ng room namin… “Ang tagal ng tomorrow!” said to self in pure excitement. :))

I slept like a baby and woke up around 11:30am. I still have this warm feeling due to the events that happened last night. We ate lunch and we prepare ourselves to go home. I thought it would be best to go see Corazon first before we depart. So I was searching and searching. I can’t find her. Where the heck is she?! Sabi niya kikita kami today at mag-uusap? Di ko na natiis nakita ko si Badboy ng dance floor at tinanong ko si Corazon. “Dude nasaan si Corazon?” Ahh ‘yung ka-Blow&kiss mo? Said Badboy with the devilish grin. Wala na pre kita namin kanina sinundo ng asul na chikot. Di na nga halos nakapag paalam, dagdag pa ni Badboy. Medyo nalungkot ako kasi di ko man lang siya nakita o nakuha ang number ng kanyang cellular phone. Pero huwag mag-panic, makikita ko naman siya bukas Monday. Tatanong ko na lang kay Dustine ang kanyang digits sa cellphone. Due to frustration but still happy, natulog na lang ako maghapon sa bahay.

Come Monday morning. I was able to know her cellphone number thanks to Dustine. I sent her an sms: “Corazon, kamusta? Ako ito from the party sana naalala mo pa. We’re supposed to see each other before parting right? Pero napaaga daw ang uwi mo. I just wanna know if you’re okay. Please txtback *insert smiley here*”. After 30 mins. nagreply ang lola mo: “Hey.. Of course I remember you. My silly swimming instructor who failed to teach his student! Let’s meet up because I’m taking my money back! You, you slydog! Hahah kidding. Sorry bigla kasi ako sinundo. Txt na lang kita later kasi I’m on my computer class now. Need to focus, having trouble with the C++ language and all this logic shit. Ingats!”

Later that day she texted me meet na lang daw kami sa library. As usual ako ay eksayted, pabango muna ulit at ayos ng buhok wisik wisik onti. Haha.The next thing I remember I went home devastated. Tulala at broken hearted. She just told me to stay away from her. Wala daw ako mapapala at tigilan ko na siya. Madaming pa daw iba diyan pero huwag daw siya. Ganoon na lang ba iyon? After niya pinakita na interesado din siya. Eh yung 5 second kiss? Ha ano ibig sabihin nun? So ganyan na lang. Too many questions with vague or totally no answers at all. Ang sakit. Never felt that too much sadness would cause massive headache. Nakakawalang gana pumasok. Pero I have to, patay ako sa nanay ko eh.

So the days passed by and I went on with life, the heck I must go on with life! Hindi naman titigil ang mundo dahil lang sa isang babae na nakilala ko sa party at na-inlab ako. People move on because there is nothing else to do. Tinuloy ko lang ang routine ko sa school. Okay naman ang lahat pero nakikita ko siya madalas, sa labas ng classroom nila, sa square canteen at maging sa library kapag ako ay nag-iinternet. She still glances at me pero hanggang dun na lang. Until one day she texted me asking How’s everything? Kamusta na daw ba ako. Hindi na ako nagreply. Dinelete ko na ang number niya, block na sa YM ang account niya, (yup nakuha niya email ko) at maging sa Portal/forum ng University eh binlock ko na din. Bitter ko noh? Heheh.

The next lines will be the event after 2 years.

2005 na iyon, 3rd year na kami. Guess what? May girlfriend na ako at hindi na forever alone mode! Hehe nakilala ko si girlfriend taong 2003 din 2nd semester. Isang araw while waiting kay girlfriend eh naisipan ko mag internet muna sa library. Nag ccheck ako ng email, at sa kung bakit eh naalala ko pa iyong luma kong e-mail at inisip ko tignan dahil 2 years ko nang hindi nakikita yun dahil gumawa na ako ng bago. Take note hindi na hahaha mas professional nang pakinggan ang email ko. So as I’ve said for the former email, I opened it and Boom with the 25k++ messages! I’m just curious about the emails that I got before I changed it. So I scrolled the July-October 2003 emails. I saw 2 emails from Corazon. Parang biglang nag-mini heart attack ako ‘nung makita ko name niya. Shet nag-email pa pala siya nun! That was exactly my reaction. Binasa ko ang email, nakasaad sa sulat ang storya niya at kung bakit niya sinabi sa akin na layuan ko na daw siya. To make long istorya short, isa pala siyang kabet, oo kabit. Mistress, other woman, third wheel, at kung anek anek pang third! Ang haba ng email niya, detalyado at during that time hindi niya daw kaya iwanan si Guy na itago na lang natin sa pangalang Bogart… Si Bogart ay 26 years old as per her email. May asawa at may isang anak. Mahaba ang email niya at hindi ko na ilalahad pa. Pero yan na ang pinaka juice ng sulat niya. Iyong isang email ay may pagitan na dalawang linggo. Gusto niya kaming magkita at gusto niya daw sana ako makausap dahil kakalas na daw siya kay Bogart. Nalaman na daw ng misis niya at hindi niya daw kaya sirain ang pamilya niya. Ayon sa sulat niya, siya ay malungkot at kailangan ng makakausap. Mag-reply daw ako at inilagay niya din ang cellphone number niya.

Buhat noon ay hindi ko na muling nasilayan si Corazon. I tried asking her friends and classmates about her whereabouts but to no avail. Hindi na din nila alam kung anu ang nangyari sa kanya after the events. I found out na wala din idea ang mga friends niya na siya ay naging mistress.

Year 2010 I found out about her facebook account. Tried adding her up. Inadd naman ako after months. Bihira lang siguro siya mag-online. Napag-alaman ko na siya ay nasa America ngayon at nagttrabaho sa isang advertising company. Okay naman ang naging buhay niya, may boyfriend siya ngayon at Pinoy ito ayon sa kanyang mga litrato. Sa kabilang banda, naisip ko lang ano kaya ang nangyari kung nasagot ko ang email niya at nakipag kita? Siguro may chance na magiging kami ni Corazon at siguro hanggang ngayon. Diyan na pumapasok ang “What-Ifs sa buhay”

Indeed life is so mysterious but that is also the reason why it’s worthy to face head on. There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t bear to see leave us but have to let go.



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So guys. You know what to do. 😀

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The “What” & “Ifs” of your Life.

What comes to your head when you hear the phrase “What If?” Personally, I hate it and I really do.  In fact here are some of the few things that we may encounter and some of it I already encountered and felt some regret *bangs head on the wall* Oh and by the way magtatagalog na ako ah! 😀

[I] If you’re interested with someone and you’re an introvert. C’mon man you gotta to man-up! OO Man-up! Magpakalalake ka kasi right now you already have the NO so why not take the chance? Shut down your computer and stay away from the internet or PS3. Rack up your sleeve and tell her you want to know her better. Set up a date and hopefully eh pumayag siya. Then things will start from there. If you fail, at least di ba ginawa mo. No regrets. <- Well at least that’s my opinion.

[II] Get over the What-ifs and start travelling! Hell’s Yeah you’re young and healthy so take every chance of it! Personally I’m still figuring out how to get to the places that I want to visit. Of course dapat mag-ipon tayo para dun or mag-loan na din if possible! It’ll be worth it I tell you. And besides, di naman porket sinabi na “travelling” eh out of the country ka agad like Singapore or Europe then post agad sa facebook. It can be a road trip with your good friends and family, visiting places you’ve never been to. So ito mga possible factors that may hold you back in the first place:


2)Missing family and friends

3)Missing an important event

4)Language barrier

5)Bed Bugs?! 

[III] Going Abroad for a greener pasture. Couple of years back my Differential Calculus professor told us his story. Many years ago he planned to go to abroad since he is a Civil Engineer and may opportunity siya to go to Middle East, I think may offer siya sa Saudi or Oman di lang ako sure. Matalino siya bilib ako at mabait. Family oriented at in-tacked ang values kaya bawal mag mura sa klase niya hehe! So we continue his story habang ako ay patagong kumakain ng Piattos during that time na kwento siya ng kwento. Ayun nga may offer siya from a prestigious Multinational consulting firm at maganda ang pay. Pinagmuni munihan niya ito ng isang linggo. Pero dahil hindi niya magawang iwanan ang pamilya at ayon din sa kanya eh pinairal niya din daw ang pagiging nationalistic niya! (o camon!) Sa madaling sabi hindi siya tumuloy. Now after some years almost half ng batch niya noong college eh nasa abroad na. Iyong iba eh nasa America dahil during that time madali pa daw makapunta roon at yung iba naman ay nasa middle east. Nabalitaan na lang niya na naging maginhawa ang buhay ng mga ka-batch niya dahil sa desisyon nila na mag abroad. Ang bottom line ni Ser eh habang bata ka pa at malakas pa eh gawin mo para wala kang What-ifs sa bagay na ito. Now is the perfect time since everything is in the Web. Communication is just a click away. You will also learn a lot of things to yourself while you’re away and while you’re at it you will also figure things out by yourself. You will propel the growth and greatness within you if you’re away from your comfort zone.

So basically those are the “major major what-ifs” in life right? Pero that is not just limited to the above mentioned lines. It happens to each and everyone. At the end of the day, we still have to make our own choice. Do not let anyone or this blog cloud your judgement upon decisions. 

What if it doesn’t happen; which is, after all, the most likely outcome anyway.

While it’s not happening, you’re wasting a lot of valuable time and mental energy trying to solve a problem that isn’t there; a problem that will likely never be there.

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