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Light Yagami Sketch

ImageAre you familiar with the “Death Note” anime? If yes then you are staring at my Light Yagami rough sketch. As you can see this is his most infamous facial expression usually when he is writing names in the Death Note for a kill. As much as I like this anime I would never recommend this to anyone. Why? Because, it is dark and twisted. While I was watching this, I suddenly felt the urge wanting to obtain such notebook with the same goal just like Light, I want change in the system, I want a restart. This anime thirst me for power. As a matter of freaking fact, Light’s demise in the end left me an uneasy feeling. I really want Light to win in the end. I felt sorry for him dying because he is almost there. As pathetic as it may seem, that’s how I felt about this anime and the reason why it’s not for everyone.

 “I’ll take a POTATO CHIP, and EAT IT!”

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Share-Your-Drawing 101


Harry Potter from House Gryffindor – anime version. 

Just sharing this anime sketch of Harry Potpot! 🙂 It was easy for me to strew lines this and that but the real challenge for me is the shadowing or shading. I’m not really good at shading as you can see. -_-‘ But there is a technique for that I believe so. With the proper pencil/charcoal and gum, you could create a masterpiece just like some of my friends did with their works. But this is just for fun since I got bored here in the office. More drawings to come. ^_^

oh one more thing, girlfriend said that he is not Harry. He is Vash Stampede from Tri-Gun. That girl. 😀

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