Potential Dads! Check this out yo!

21 May

Got a girlfriend? She got preggo? Well here’s a shortlist of expenses that you might want to take in consideration:

1) Hospital pregnancy test: P300

2) Monthly doc’s visit: P4,500
     (P500 X 9mos.)

3) Ultrasound if boy or girl: P500

4) Pre-natal vitamin supplements: P13,500
     (P1500 x 9mos.)

5) Normal delivery with doc’s discount maybe: P35,000

6) Baby’s disposable diapers until trained to make pupu himself: P24,000
     2 years (P1,000 x 24mos.)

7) Vaccines for baby: P15,000

8) Baby formula for the 1st year: P36,000
     (P3,000 x 12mos.)

9) “Growing up” milk until 4 yrs. old: P96,000
     (P2,000 x 48 mos.)

10) Toddler vitamins until 4 yrs. Old: P48,000
      (P1,000 x 48 mos.)

11) One year of pre-school: P35,000

12) Grades 1-6 tuition: P540,000

13) High School: P400,000

14) University: P480,000

15) Allowance throughout College: P480,000
       (P10,000/month for 4 years)

TOTAL: P2,207,800* (53,549Image USD)

*Prices are conservative estimates and are subject to change depending on the state of the economy when you finally sire a kid. Also this does not include the vast amounts of unforeseeable “luxuries” your child will throw tantrums over, swimming lessons, drum sets, or the latest PlayStation and iPad/Touch/Phone, family trips to Disneyland and Universal Studios in Singapore and or the weekly window shopping to the mall with Pizza Hut food tripping! Scared? Well, that is the price for the unbelievable joy in seeing your own flesh and blood. Way to go Dads!


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2 responses to “Potential Dads! Check this out yo!

  1. Vlad

    September 3, 2013 at 11:29 pm

    Nice one seymour! May ganito ka pala. Basahin ko iba mo pang blogs.. Thumbs up for your bradah! -pototoy

    • whatdrivestheweak

      September 7, 2013 at 7:38 pm

      Hahah hi paps! Oo medyo mahilig din ako sa gantong stuffs hehe! Keep on reading!


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