08 Nov

Credits to Don Depresso for the image

Earlier this morning I was at the toilet taking my usual dump routine and all of a sudden I heard the song “Islands in the Stream” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton resonating from the room adjacent to mine. I felt nostalgic about my childhood hearing that song. One good memory in particular is when my mom and dad go on a duet with that song especially when he just came home from Saudi Arabia mostly during Christmas seasons. Since I feel nostalgic I took the opportunity to recall some significant things during this vast 26 years of my life in no particular order.

There was this yellow bell tree near our previous house in Las Piñas Metro Manila when I was 4 years old. I remember this vividly because this is the intersection of the street where all my friends gather during those late afternoon street games. I love climbing that small tree because it gives me a sense of freedom that school time is over. Ironically, no memory of my friends at that moment resurfaced in my brain, not even names.

During my 15th Birthday a friend of mine named Carmi gave me some green mangoes freshly picked from their backyard. We had a small talk about my ranting how time flies so fast and I’m 15 already and still a virgin. Yeah, that kind of sounds horrible but that is what came out of my mind that time. I doubt she still remember that funny conversation we had.

I kept my collection of NBA cards during my elementary days and whenever I see them, it always gives me the feeling on how I endured saving a lot of money just to buy one hell of a pack once every two or three months which contain less than 10 pieces of random NBA players and if I’m lucky I might get a superstar. Totally worth it.

Actor David Hasselhoff. I don’t know, but whenever I see his face there are two images I will never forget: Baywatch and Pamela Anderson’s hotness. Me and my dad we’re really fond of watching Baywatch and that was around 1995 and though I was just a kid I already know Baywatch chicks are really gorgeous. The opening song really rocks up until now.

It was probably more than 15 years ago, our ceiling fan at home had four light bulbs with flower-like designs. One of the bulbs is missing because my dad accidentally hit it and broke it to pieces. He was about to hit me with his bare hands because of my stubbornness as a kid. Funny thing I remembered is when he raised his hand and hit it he knew it’s going to fall and he shielded me. I gazed upon his scared face and hugged me asking if I’m alright. Priceless.

How we remember things are a psychological aspect of us being human. There are just some instances in our lives that we will never forget, memories will return weather you see your old scribbles in your bedroom wall and reminded you how badly you cried when your mom scolded you, it can be a very old toy that you used to love or just some random things. You could listen to a good ol’ song that’ll remind you on what you went through during that time in which it could be your darkest days or joyous ones. It is a free pass to the past that you may want to elude forever or yearn and smile for the good old days…

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