Resident Evil 6 Game Review

03 Oct


What comes to your head when you hear the title Resident Evil? Well lemme guess, Zombies right? Apparently Resident Evil popularized the “Zombie” survival-shooting in the history of gaming. This is also the reason why I fell in love with the Resident Evil franchise. But as the years go by, the story driven, flesh eating, enticed with great drama and stunning visuals went a little off-track from its roots. We recall how Resident Evil 5 went a total transition from survival horror to action packed third-person shooting game. Due to that, many fans (including me!) are hoping that the next Resident Evil will look back to its original form which is slower-paced and less adrenaline pumped and more of a shocking horror experience like what we have experienced in Resident Evil 1 to 3 and although Resident Evil 4 is great and I loved it, that is actually the start of the RE franchise transition from horror to action. Well do not fret guys, Cashcom I mean CAPCOM heard our cries! There will be ZOMBIESHoorayyy!! Wo-wait! They have sorta kinda did it but not really.   (-_-)

*To be continued… Still playing the game, might take me weeks to finish this one due to long working hours in the office.* 😦 

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