The “What” & “Ifs” of your Life.

25 Sep

What comes to your head when you hear the phrase “What If?” Personally, I hate it and I really do.  In fact here are some of the few things that we may encounter and some of it I already encountered and felt some regret *bangs head on the wall* Oh and by the way magtatagalog na ako ah! 😀

[I] If you’re interested with someone and you’re an introvert. C’mon man you gotta to man-up! OO Man-up! Magpakalalake ka kasi right now you already have the NO so why not take the chance? Shut down your computer and stay away from the internet or PS3. Rack up your sleeve and tell her you want to know her better. Set up a date and hopefully eh pumayag siya. Then things will start from there. If you fail, at least di ba ginawa mo. No regrets. <- Well at least that’s my opinion.

[II] Get over the What-ifs and start travelling! Hell’s Yeah you’re young and healthy so take every chance of it! Personally I’m still figuring out how to get to the places that I want to visit. Of course dapat mag-ipon tayo para dun or mag-loan na din if possible! It’ll be worth it I tell you. And besides, di naman porket sinabi na “travelling” eh out of the country ka agad like Singapore or Europe then post agad sa facebook. It can be a road trip with your good friends and family, visiting places you’ve never been to. So ito mga possible factors that may hold you back in the first place:


2)Missing family and friends

3)Missing an important event

4)Language barrier

5)Bed Bugs?! 

[III] Going Abroad for a greener pasture. Couple of years back my Differential Calculus professor told us his story. Many years ago he planned to go to abroad since he is a Civil Engineer and may opportunity siya to go to Middle East, I think may offer siya sa Saudi or Oman di lang ako sure. Matalino siya bilib ako at mabait. Family oriented at in-tacked ang values kaya bawal mag mura sa klase niya hehe! So we continue his story habang ako ay patagong kumakain ng Piattos during that time na kwento siya ng kwento. Ayun nga may offer siya from a prestigious Multinational consulting firm at maganda ang pay. Pinagmuni munihan niya ito ng isang linggo. Pero dahil hindi niya magawang iwanan ang pamilya at ayon din sa kanya eh pinairal niya din daw ang pagiging nationalistic niya! (o camon!) Sa madaling sabi hindi siya tumuloy. Now after some years almost half ng batch niya noong college eh nasa abroad na. Iyong iba eh nasa America dahil during that time madali pa daw makapunta roon at yung iba naman ay nasa middle east. Nabalitaan na lang niya na naging maginhawa ang buhay ng mga ka-batch niya dahil sa desisyon nila na mag abroad. Ang bottom line ni Ser eh habang bata ka pa at malakas pa eh gawin mo para wala kang What-ifs sa bagay na ito. Now is the perfect time since everything is in the Web. Communication is just a click away. You will also learn a lot of things to yourself while you’re away and while you’re at it you will also figure things out by yourself. You will propel the growth and greatness within you if you’re away from your comfort zone.

So basically those are the “major major what-ifs” in life right? Pero that is not just limited to the above mentioned lines. It happens to each and everyone. At the end of the day, we still have to make our own choice. Do not let anyone or this blog cloud your judgement upon decisions. 

What if it doesn’t happen; which is, after all, the most likely outcome anyway.

While it’s not happening, you’re wasting a lot of valuable time and mental energy trying to solve a problem that isn’t there; a problem that will likely never be there.

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