The Gift of Life.

24 Sep

OKAY! So this is my very first post in this blog. And I’m kinda excited about it. I hope I will not get lazy writing here. Anyway, the things that you’ll be seeing here are probably my random thoughts about life, simple things, places, people and sometimes my personal video game reviews (usually PlayStation 3) and oh I will be posting my drawings here every now and then.

I hope that I will continue writing here and that this blog will grow as I do.

I’m a Pinoy so basically I will be writing here not only in English format but also Tagalog! hehe!

Here we go. Hope we get to have a good time with this ride. Probably I’ll be summoning all my faculty to produce entries here and I’m taking this one as a challenge also.

So both of us, yeah, you you sexy being! hahaha! We’ll be unraveling the mystery of Life because the Gift of Life is LIFE itself

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Posted by on September 24, 2012 in Life as I know it..


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